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The Barista Supremo

The Saeco

Taste the difference for yourself!

It's like having a gourmet coffee shop in your office.


Features and Benefits:

Super Automatic Cappuccino/Espresso Machine Fresh from beam to cup at the push of a button.

If you, your employees or customers are looking for a great cup of espresso style coffee any time of day, take a look at the Barista Supremo System. It can make an excellent addition to your business!

The Barista Supremo System consists of a completely automatic top-of-the line cappuccino/espresso machine. It offers up to eight unique selections of espresso - style coffee including Cappuccino, Café Latte, Café Americano, Café au Lait, Mochaccino, Hot Chocolate and flavored Cappuccinos.

After making your beverage selection, the cup bracket is activated to dispense an 8 ounce cup, then sugar will be dispensed if selected. I you chose a beverage with coffee, the process of grinding the fresh coffee beans begins, then it is brewed. Then, other products will be dispensed depending on the beverage you've selected.

Now we can easily connect to any cold-water line at your location for a non-stop supply of fresh water with our Quick Connect Adaptor, water filter and a handy water shut-off valve. If there is no water line nearby, the Barista comes with its own pump and water supply placed in the base cabinet.

The Barista could be easily set on Free Vend if you decide to provide free gourmet beverages to your clients or employees. It has full advanced accounting program that keeps track of the sales for each selection for easy billing. Also it could be programmed for Free Vend between certain hours and go back to Pay Vend the rest of the day. When set on Pay Vend, it accepts 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1 coin as well as special Tokens. It also accepts one dollar bills and does not require exact change.

Best of all, the Barista Supremo System serves up great tasting, freshly brewed coffee. Each cup is freshly ground from the bean, every time.

The dimensions with the base are: 16.2"W x 62.2"H x 21.2"D. Comes with Water Cabinet Tank: 5 gal. or could be plumbed. It has a cup holder of 160 - 8 oz. cups and also dispenses sugar and milk.

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