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Check Out The Gourmet Butler Features

The Gourmet Butler

Tired of Only Coffee

Are you tired of pots with stale coffee?
Are you using cartridges that you don't know how long ago they were packed?
Are you satisfied with your current office Coffee Service?
Are you tired of pre-ground packets with preservatives and artificial flavoring?

Offering your employees an upscale Gourmet Beverage experience goes a long way:
• It will improve productivity and boost employee morale
• Break time refreshments that are nearby and convenient
• Eliminates down time from having employees leaving the office
• Employees can stay at work more by getting gourmet beverages on site
• You can offer your customers a truly fresh and great tasting beverage

Below are some of the main features and advantages of our Gourmet machines:

• You Never have to wait for an entire pot of coffee to be made
• Our Single Cup dispensers provide Convenience, Cleanliness, Selection & Freshness
• "One cup at a time" brewing for guaranteed no waste and always-fresh beverage
• Many choices and flavors all in one compact machine
• Just select your flavor and your freshly brewed cup is ready in seconds

Choose from Hot Chocolate, Café Latte, French Vanilla,
Café Mocha, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Chai, Cappuccino, and more!


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